Harvesting Knowledge

A group of GIEP fellows working in India for Summer 2014


Working across organizations proves difficult when we are not using the same language for the vision for our joint venture.  To help get us all on the same page, we created a mapping of vocabulary to describe the different activities and elements of our product. This taxonomy allows all parties to be precise with our wording and allow us to share a common meaning.

Here is a sample of our taxonomy

Certification :: a compilation of courses that lead to a particular competency (a set of skills).Our users can earn a certificate in one of three competencies – facilitation skills, video production, data management.

Accreditation == incentives == rewards == completion :: the points awarded to a user for completing assessments that count towards certification.

Module == Course :: a series of sessions videos, assessments, and other content / resources that teach a particular skill.

Lesson == Session :: a compilation of assorted content types (video, assessment, resources, widgets, etc). Each session has a defined objective and defined steps.

Widget :: a placeholder for pre-configured media object that is used to support a lesson.

Progress :: As a user completes a session, their progress meter will update to show how much material they have covered. This will also act as a navigation placeholder so users know where they are in their studies.


VRP == CKW == FLW == trainee :: an identified community member who is nominated to partake in VTI

MRP == APM == trainer :: The person who leads the VTI trainings of CKWs.

Administrator :: A DG employee


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