Harvesting Knowledge

A group of GIEP fellows working in India for Summer 2014


Before taking any pen to paper (or marker to board), we felt that a discussion on the values was critical to help us focus our intentions and design decisions while creating the architecture of the learning platform.  We wanted our learning platform to address the particular issues faced by a very diverse background and this including coming to a consensus on the system values.  This discussion was not complete without considering the impact of our system as a learning platform, and our teaching values reflect this concern.

System Values

Low-Barrier to Entry: UI for low-literacy

All-Inclusive Accessibility: Using tech accessibility to its highest standard

Low-Network Resources: Minimize the data load and offline support

Culturally Flexible: Ability to scale to new countries via languages, color choices, information hierarchy

One-Stop-Shop: Be the one place of interaction for all stakeholders to process, find, act, etc.

Thoughtful Data: Using metrics to enhance system, including data around archives and files that can be acted on

Teaching Values

Based on Pedagogy: We are there to teach so we should incorporate best practices for teaching, including active learning (meetings don’t just replicate lecture-style teaching)

Safe Space: Room for inquisition, create a community of trust to encourage users to explore and learn on their own; especially by reflecting back to the user by including stories and images of others similar to them

Reflective / Quality Assurance: System builds on the knowledge collected to constantly improve its services (especially in regards to developing new, updated, improved content)

Interactive: Use intuitive and innovative interactions to facilitate knowledge exchange (i.e. tagging photos with comments like gizmodo’s photo feature)

Networked: Allow users to build connections with other communities

Leverage Resources: System includes ability to take advantage of resources (educational and otherwise), including sharing resources.  Building capacity of Master Resource Person.


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