Harvesting Knowledge

A group of GIEP fellows working in India for Summer 2014

Welcome to the project site for Harvesting Knowledge

We are group of Global Information Engagement Program (GIEP) fellows at the University of Michigan School of Information (UMSI) working in India for Spring / Early Summer 2014

Table of Contents
We present to you our project Table of Contents to help you become acquainted with the team (Harvesting Knowledge), our partner organization (Digital Green), and our project’s progress.  We will update the site throughout the Winter 2014 semester and into our travel to India in Spring 2014.

Introduction / The Germination

Process / The Sowing

Pre-Journey – Interaction Design

India – Design Validation

  • Week 0 – Orientation in Bangalore
  • Week 1 – Meet Digital Green Team in New Delhi
  • Week 2 – Interviews, Personas & Scenarios, Information Flow
  • Week 3 – Design: Wireframing
  • Week 4 – Design: Prototyping
  • Week 5 – Design: Prototyping
  • Week 6 – Documentation, Wrap up & Final Presentation

Solution / The Harvest

  • Final Prototype
  • Insights & Reflection

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